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The world is witnessing a diminishing space for traditional advertising each day. However, the expansive realm of the internet, where new websites emerge continually, faces no such limitation. Consequently, the space available for your internet advertisements is on the rise.

Currently, there are millions of registered web pages in the internet space, with a third of them consistently updated and experiencing high traffic. To ensure that your internet advertisement doesn't get lost amidst the multitude of others, a well-thought-out approach is essential.

For customers to locate your presence in the vast internet space, a meticulous plan for advertising your website, including strategic placement and consistent monitoring, is crucial.

Internet advertising can be classified into two types: banner and contextual advertisement.

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Contextual Advertisement:

Contextual advertisement involves linking to another website, placed on a specific word within the text that aligns in meaning with the subject matter of the advertised website. This form of advertisement is frequently utilized when graphical advertising may not be as suitable. Unlike graphical ads, users generally tolerate contextual advertisements, perceiving them as a supplement to the main information. This makes it easier to attract the target audience to the website using this advertising method.

One advantage of contextual advertisement is its ability to present the goods or services precisely where users have an interest. Users often see contextual ads as informative supplements rather than annoying interruptions. We collaborate with leaders in this sphere, such as Yandex Direct, Begun, and Google Adwords, to ensure the high effectiveness of contextual advertisement for your goods and services.

Banner Advertisement:

Banner advertisement on the internet can be either static or animated. We offer the creation of banners in various styles using different technologies, along with their placement on web pages. To maximize banner placement opportunities, we suggest entering your website into the banner exchange network. This allows your advertisement to be displayed on numerous websites in exchange for hosting other banners on your site.

In the ever-expanding internet space, understanding how and where to place advertisements to make them more accessible to the target audience is crucial. To achieve this, considerations such as targeting come into play.

  • Geographic targeting: Showing the advertisement to users from specific regions.
  • Temporary targeting: Displaying the advertisement during particular time periods.
  • Frequency targeting: Demonstrating the advertisement to each user within specific timeframes (day, week).