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The existence of a well-crafted and competent website becomes inconsequential if it lacks visitors. The primary purpose of placing a website on the internet is to advertise and provide detailed information about the company or organization's activities, ultimately increasing customer flow and fostering new partnership opportunities.

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WebMaker Studio offers effective website promotion services, ensuring not only an increase in traffic but also a rise in visits from the targeted audience. Research indicates that the number of effective website visits through search engines surpasses those from banner advertising by 5-6 times. This occurs because users actively seek your website when conducting a purposeful search for goods or information you offer.

Promoting a website in search engines has numerous advantages compared to methods like banner advertising. While the traffic from banner ads sharply declines after the campaign concludes, search engine indexation continues throughout the website's existence.

By promoting your website in search engines, we guarantee a higher number of targeted audience visits and assurance that your website will be among the top ten most visited websites in its subject matter. The approximate description of our actions to achieve high results in promoting your website in search engines comprises three main stages:

  1. Optimization of Website Structure:Enhancing the website's readability for search engines through analysis of search queries and identifying and resolving issues that may impede quick and quality indexing.
  2. Promotion in Search Systems:Includes registering the website in approximately 3500 search directories, manually registering it in key search engines like Yandex and Google, and placing links for your website in various resources. This ensures your website ranks in the top ten search results for relevant queries, especially in popular search engines like Yandex and Google.
  3. Website Support with Continuous Improvement: Maintaining and improving the website's ranking in search engines necessitates ongoing efforts. This involves adding new relevant text links incrementally, analyzing the website's state and rating, making necessary corrections, and continuing promotion in other search systems.